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20 Current Affairs Quiz for all professional exams – Jan 2020

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In this article, we present 20 random Current Affairs Quiz for January 2020 topics with detailed answers. These questions are suitable for professional exams like SSC, Banking / IBPS, UPSC, IAS, NTSE, CLAT, Railways, NDA, CDS, Judiciary, UPPSC, RPSC, GPSC, MPSC, MPPSC and other states civil services / government job recruitment examinations of India.

20 Current Affairs Quiz with Questions and Answers:

Q1: Which country recently announced to increase the minimum wage of the workers by more than four times the rate of its inflation?

[A] United Kingdom (UK)

[B] Malaysia

[C] Ireland

[D] Germany

Correct Answer: A [United Kingdom (UK)]

Notes: The Prime Minister of Britain, Borris Johnson recently announced to increase the minimum wage of the workers by more than four times the rate of the inflation prevailing in UK. For the workers of age more than twenty-five, an increase of 6.2 % is to be provided so that the national living wage of 8.21 pounds would rise to 8.72 pounds. This decision, being the biggest increase since 2016, is taken at the back drop of economic uncertainty existing in the county.

Q2: The term SPARMVs, sometimes seen in news, is most closely related to which organization?



[C] Indian Railways

[D] Indian Army

Correct Answer: C [Indian Railways ]

Notes: SPARMVs refer to Self Propelled Accident Relief Medical Vans which are vehicles to provide relief during Railway accidents and disasters. Indian Railways is gradually replacing locomotive hauled Accident Relief Medical Vans (ARMVs) with Self Propelled Accident Relief Medical Vans (SPARMVs) to improve response during disaster. Another kind of vehicles, which Railways proposes to include are high speed Self Propelled Accident Relief Trains (HS-SPARTs) with speed of 160 kmph. Railways will soon procure them.

Q3: The National Ice Hockey Championship, 2020 is held in which city?

[A] Manali

[B] Shimla

[C] Leh

[D] Kullu

Correct Answer: C [Leh]

Notes: The 5th edition of the National Ice Hockey Championship, 2020 is being in Leh, Union Territory of Ladakh. The event is organised by the Ice Hockey Association of India (IHAI) today. ‘Under-20 category’ of Boys matches and Girls matches are being conducted. The Ice Hockey tournament is held in Karzoo Ice Hockey Rink in Leh. Various Ice hockey teams including Army,Delhi and Ladakh are participating in the tournament.

Q4: When is the World Braille day celebrated every year?

[A] January 2

[B] January 3

[C] January 4

[D] January 5

Correct Answer: C [January 4]

Notes: The World Braille Day is celebrated across the world on the 4th day of January. The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution in November 2018, to announce January 4 as World Braille Day. Following the proclamation, the day has been observed since 2019. According to the  World Health Organization, there are 36 million blind people and 216 million people with moderate to severe visual impairment. Invented by Louis Braille, Braille is a representation of letters and number using six dots, which could be interpreted by the visually impaired.

Q5: Who is the Director General of Aeronautical Systems in DRDO and is also known as Missile Woman of India?

[A] Dr.Tessy Thomas

[B] Ritu Karidhal

[C] Muthiah Vanitha

[D] Anuradha T K

Correct Answer: A [Dr.Tessy Thomas]

Notes: The renowned Indian scientist and Director General of Aeronautical Systems, DRDO, Dr.Tessy Thomas was the Chief Guest of the Women Science Congress, held at Bengaluru. It was a part of the ongoing 107th Indian Science Congress. Tessy Thomas was the first woman scientist to head a missile project in India, when she was the Project Director of India’s Agni-IV missile.

Q6: Australia recently witnessed which disaster that killed many lives and caused huge destruction?

[A] Flood

[B] Cyclone

[C] Wild fires

[D] Tsunami

Correct Answer: C [Wild fires]

Notes: Australia recently witnessed severe wild fires that killed nearly 25 people and destroyed several homes across the country. More than hundred bush fires were burning in New South Wales and they could not be controlled. Several million animals are also reported to be killed by the severity of bush fires. Scientists have cited Global warming to be the reason of this early and devastating wild fires.

Q7: Which Indian city is to play host to the ‘Khelo India Youth games 2020’?

[A] Guwahati

[B] Bhubaneswar

[C] New Delhi

[D] Cuttack

Correct Answer: A [Guwahati]

Notes: The third edition of the ‘Khelo India Youth games’ will be held at Guwahati, Assam from January 10 to 23, 2020. The ceremony to launch the games was held at Guwahati and was attended by the Union Sports Minister and Chief Minister of Assam. The logo, mascot, theme song and the jersey of players were also launched. More than 10000 participants from all over the country are expected to take part in this national event in 20 different sports which includes cycling and lawn bowls for the first time.

Q8: Which Indian city is selected to host the Global Healthcare summit, 2021?

[A] New Delhi

[B] Hyderabad

[C] Vishakhapatnam

[D] Cochin

Correct Answer: C [Vishakhapatnam]

Notes: The 14th edition of the famous Global Healthcare summit is proposed to be held in Vishakhapatnam in January 2021. An association called the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin organises this three-day-event. The 13th summit was conducted in Hyderabad, in the month of July, 2019. The event is proposed to be jointly organised by the Andhra Pradesh state Government. More than 500 doctors and health care professionals are expected to participate in the summit.

Q9: Who was recently reappointed as the Inspector General of Border Security Force (BSF)?

[A] V K Johri

[B] Abhinav Kumar

[C] Rajeev Rai

[D] Arun Kumar Sharma

Correct Answer: B [Abhinav Kumar]

Notes: The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet recently approved the reappointment of Abhinav Kumar, IPS as the Inspector General (IG) of Border Security Force (BSF) and extended his tenure up to July 2021, following the proposal by the Home affairs ministry. The extension was made by relaxing the tenure policy of Indian Police Service. Border Security Force is the national border defence force and also the largest border defence force in the world.

Q10: Which city will play host to the 2022 Common Wealth Games?

[A] London

[B] New Delhi

[C] Birmingham

[D] Gold Coast

Correct Answer: C [Birmingham]

Notes: The international sports event for the members of the Common wealth, the Commonwealth Games of 2022 will be conducted in the city of Birmingham, England. England plays host to the event for the third time. The prestigious event is scheduled to take place between July 27 and August 7, 2020.

Recently, Commonwealth Games India (CGI) submitted its proposal to host a Commonwealth shooting event and an archery event in India during 2022. But the federation is yet to announce that if the medals won in the proposed Shooting Championship will be added to the final CWG tally of the countries.

Q11: The Court of which country ordered the government to impose a ban on single use plastic?

[A] Thailand

[B] Vietnam

[C] Nepal

[D] Bangladesh

Correct Answer: D [Bangladesh]

Notes: The Bangladesh High Court recently ordered the Government to impose a ban on single use plastic in the country’s coastal areas and hotels. Polythene has been banned in the country since 2002, but the usage of polythene could not be controlled in the country. Hence the court ordered to enforce the ban in a strict manner across the nation within one year from the order.

Q12: With which European country, India has signed mobility pact that would allow skilled workers, students and academics from the two countries to live and work in each others’ countries?

[A] England

[B] France

[C] Germany

[D] Italy

Correct Answer: B [ France ]

Notes: India’s cabinet has recently (January, 2020) approved the mobility pact with France that would allow skilled workers, students and academics from the two countries to live and work in each others’ countries. The agreement was signed between India and France during French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to India in 2018. France, however, is yet to ratify the pact, awaiting the French parliament’s consent.

Q13: Vishwa Hindi Diwas / World Hindi Day is celebrated every year on which date?

[A] January 8

[B] January 9

[C] January 10

[D] January 11

Correct Answer: C [January 10]

Notes: Vishva Hindi Divas or World Hindi day is celebrated every year on January 10. The day is celebrate to commemorate the First World Hindi Conference, which was held from January 10 to January 12, 1975, at Nagpur.The first Hindi Conference was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi. Subsequent conferences were held in various countries including the USA, South Africa, UK, Mauritius.

The first World Hindi day was observed on January 10, 2006. The Day aims to promote Hindi language around the world.

Q14: Which bank has recently signed an MoU with South-Central Railway zone of the Indian Railways, for doorstep collection of earnings from the railway stations?

[A] Punjab National Bank

[B] Bank of Baroda

[C] State Bank of India

[D] Bank of India

Correct Answer: C [State Bank of India]

Notes: The State Bank of India and the South-Central Railway recently signed an agreement for doorstep collection of earnings from all the 585 railway stations of the zone.

At present, the earnings of the smaller stations are sent through cash chest available with the Train Guards, the process being very tedious. The agreement will ensure collection of traffic earnings by the bank and it will be remitted to the Government account without any delay.

Q15: McDonald’s India recently inked a partnership deal with which food delivery platform?

[A] Swiggy

[B] Zomato

[C] Uber Eats

[D] Faasos

Correct Answer: B [Zomato]

Notes: McDonald’s India recently signed a partnership deal with the food delivery platform Zomato, for expanding its presence in the Northern and eastern parts of India.

By this partnership, the availability of McDonald products through its delivery mechanism ‘McDelivery’ will be made accessible to the customers of Zomato in the region. McDonald’s India operates in the Northern and Eastern region of the country through its wholly-owned subsidiary Connaught Plaza Restaurants.

Q16: The country’s first-of-its-kind exhibition on ‘Indian Heritage in Digital Space’ was inaugurated in which city?

[A] Varanasi

[B] Puri

[C] New Delhi

[D] Jaipur

Correct Answer: C [New Delhi]

Notes: Union Culture Minister Prahlad Singh Patel inaugurated the country’s first of its kind special exhibition on ‘Indian Heritage in Digital Space’ and a two-day-long first international heritage symposium in New Delhi.

The exhibition was organised in association with Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and it will be made open to the general public for one month. Digital installations of Indian monuments were showcased, which were created under the Indian Digital Heritage (IDH) initiative of the Department of Science and Technology (DST).

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Q17: The ‘World Economic Situation and Prospects report’ is released by which organisation?

[A] World Bank

[B] United Nations (UN)

[C] International Monetary Fund (IMF)

[D] Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Correct Answer: B [United Nations (UN)]

Notes: The United Nation’s World Economic Situation and Prospects (WESP) report was recently released. As per the report, the UN projects the GDP growth of India in the current fiscal year to be 5.7 %. The UN also predicted that the GDP growth rate of the next fiscal year will rise to 6.6%.

In the WESP report of 2019, the UN had predicted India’s growth rate to be 7.6% for the current fiscal year, which has now been lowered to 5.7%. As per the recent report, East Asia continues to be the world’s fastest growing region and the largest contributor to global growth. The report also predicted that the global growth would dip to 1.8 per cent this year.

Q18: Which Indian satellite has been recently launched from French Guiana?


[B] GSAT 30



Correct Answer: B [GSAT 30]

Notes: The Indian Space Research Organisation’s high-power communication satellite, GSAT 30 has been launched successfully from French Guiana on 17th January, 2020. The aim of this satellite is to provide high quality telecommunication, Cellular and Broadcasting service.

The satellite was put in place in the Geo Synchronous Orbit by the Ariane-5 rocket. GSAT 30 weighs 3357 kg and it is to serve as the replacement satellite to INSAT-4A with enhanced coverage. The operational life of the GSAT 30 is expected to be more than 15 years.

Q19: Who was recently appointed as the Managing Director and Chief Executive of Bank of Baroda?

[A] Challa Sreenivasulu Setty

[B] Rajnish Kumar

[C] Sanjiv Chadha

[D] Atanu Kumar Das

Correct Answer: C [Sanjiv Chadha]

Notes: The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet appointed Sanjiv Chadha as the Managing Director and Chief Executive of the public sector bank, Bank of Baroda. Chadha was serving as the Deputy Managing Director at SBI Capital Markets.

Another two key appointments were also made, which includes Lingam Venkat Prabhakar as MD & CEO of Canara Bank and Atanu Kumar Das as MD & CEO of Bank of India. While Lingam Venkat Prabhakar was the Executive Director of Punjab National Bank earlier , Atanu Kumar Das was Executive Director at Bank of India who will be promoted to the post of MD& CEO.

Q20: The Union Sports Ministry of India recently de-recognized which Sports Federation of the country?

[A] Athletic Federation of India

[B] Basketball Federation of India

[C] Boxing Federation of India

[D] Rowing Federation of India

Correct Answer: D [Rowing Federation of India]

Notes: The Rowing Federation of India (RFI) was recently de-recognised by the Sports Ministry of India. The decision has been taken as the Federation violated the Sports Code of 2011 during its recently held elections.

The Sports ministry has observed violations in four areas, in the elections held by the RFI in December 2019. The process followed during the elections was reported to be not in accordance with the Model Elections Guidelines prescribed in the National Sports Development Code of India, 2011. The Ministry also asked the Indian Olympic Association to constitute a committee to discharge the functions of the RFI.

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