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5 Best Prestige Kitchen Appliances you should have at your home!

Best prestige kitchen appliances
Best Kitchen Appliances, Prestige Pressure Cookers

TTK Prestige Limited is an Indian company that manufactures Prestige kitchen appliances and cookware, under its brand. Prestige offers a wide range of kitchen appliances to choose from. You can select the one that best suits your purpose and order it online!

Let’s look at the top 5 Best Prestige Kitchen Appliances for your home:

1. Prestige Pressure Cookers:

Pressure cookers are always on first place when you talk about the best Prestige Kitchen Appliances. Prestige offers modular pressure cookers at different sizes I,e. 2ltrs, 3ltrs, 3.3ltrs, 4ltrs, 4.4ltrs, 4.8ltrs, 5ltrs, 5.5ltrs, 6ltrs, 6.5ltrs, 7ltrs, 7.5ltrs, 8.5ltrs, 10ltrs, 12ltrs etc. You can choose the one which suits your requirements.

Metal Used and Surface Finish:

  •     Aluminium – Low cost, Light Weight , Long Life.
  •     Stainless Steel − Stainless Steel – Better looks and longer life than Aluminium
  •     Hard Anodized − Hard Anodized – Better looks and longer life than Aluminium. Can be used for cook and serve

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Prestige Pressure Cookers

Advantages of Pressure Cookers:

  • Foods retain most of their nutrients and are tastier
  • Saves energy
  • Saves time in preparing meals
  • The kitchen is cooler
  • Less cleaning is required

2. Prestige Gas Stoves:

Prestige brings you a wide range of L.P.G gas stoves which suits the cooking needs of every Indian Kitchen. If you’re worried about which gas stove to purchase – that’s sleek, stylish and suits the purpose, then you’re at the right place. Here are a few points you should consider before choosing the best gas stove for your kitchen!

Which gas stove will be best considering the body type?

  •     Stainless Steel Body – Long Lasting, light-weight & easy to maintain.
  •     Toughened Glass Over MS Powder Coated Body – Elegant Look ,scratch-resistant & easy to clean
  •     Slim Body with Glass Top – Ultra slim design, a sleek, vibrant and glossy glass-top, encased in aluminium on all sides
  •     Hobtop – Hobtop is both a gas stove and a hob to be fitted in kitchen slab. It’s India’s first convertible gas stove with Lifetime Warranty on SCHOTT Glass.

Which ignition type gas stove is best suitable for you?

  •     Manual Ignition – In manual ignition type, you need to turn a knob to start the flow of gas, and then use a matchstick or pilot lighter to ignite the gas.
  •     Automatic Ignition – In automatic ignition type, there’s an electronic device which automatically ignites a gas burner by triggering an electric spark.

Which gas stove is better based on the number of people you’ve to cook for?

  •     1 burner – Ideal for single person use
  •     2 burner – Ideal for single person use or a family of 2 people
  •     3 burner – Ideal for families of 2 – 3 people
  •     4 burner – Ideal for families with more than 4 number of people

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Prestige Gas Stoves in Amazon
  • Schott Glass Gas Top : Prestige brings you an exquisite gas table with the renowned German technology glass-top.
  • Toughened Glass Gas Top: A Smart and Compact Glass top Gas table for a modern kitchen!These gas tables come with shatter proof toughened glass top for longer life and convenient cleaning.
  • Edge Gas Stoves: The new Prestige Edge Series gas stove with an ultra-slim design; a sleek, vibrant and glossy glass-top, encased in aluminium on all sides

3. Prestige Kitchen Chimneys:

Kitchen Chimneys are one of the key essential appliances for your kitchen these days.In today’s busy life, we do not get too much time to clean up the kitchen on day to day basis.

Prestige is India’s largest kitchen appliances company catering to the needs of home makers in the country. Prestige Kitchen Hood has been carefully designed, manufactured and tested so as to give you trouble free service.

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Types of Kitchen Chimneys:

Innovative Series:

Our Next-Gen Kitchen Hoods with Gesture Control feature lets you operate the chimney with a simple motion of your hand. Now, Keep your home free from the pungent odours and harmful pollutants generated in the kitchen with the new Prestige Kitchen Hood.

Classic Series:

Prestige Chimney lets you have a smoke and odour free kitchen – all at the very same time. The Classic Series has a few Kitchen Hoods that come with High-End Conical Stainless Steel Filter for super-efficient suction and Centrally Located Oil Collector for easy maintenance. With elegant looks and powerful features, it’s bound to be a joy in your kitchen.

Designer Series:

Prestige Kitchen Hood ranges are crafted smartly to complement your modern kitchen. With Powerful Suction, Baffle Filter for long long life and Gesture Control features, the kitchen hood lets you operate the chimney with a Simple Motion of your hand, ensuring smoke-free kitchen at the wave of your hand. Technology makes life this simple!l

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Prestige Chimneys

Advantages of kitchen chimneys:

  •     Keep the kitchen air smoke free and less irritating.
  •     Protects your wall tiles from getting sticky.
  •     Protection of ceiling from smoke.
  •     Reduces the amount of heat while cooking.
  •     Removes pungent or bad odour during cooking.
  •     Adds to your interior decor.

4. Prestige Mixer Grinders:

Prestige is a trendy brand when it comes to kitchen and small home appliances. It has a wide range of products, which can make your life amazing and extremely simple in the kitchen. Whether you talk about mixer grinders or juicers or gas stoves or any other appliance, Prestige has the answer. This company has managed to grab the attention of millions of the customers all across the nation with its top class product ranges and customer service.

Prestige mixer grinders come in attractive designs and useful features. These include separate jars for different purposes such as wet grinding, dry grinding, chutney grinding, juicing, and much more. Prestige mixer grinders are made with best in class materials.

How to choose a best mixer grinders?

  • Wattage:

One of the first things to check when it comes to a mixer grinder is how much wattage does it have. Higher wattage is useful for grinding tougher ingredients and at a faster speed. Anything from a 500 W to 750 W is good enough for an Indian kitchen.

  • Speed:

The RPM of a mixer grinder is also a deciding factor, as it tells you how fast the blade can rotate per minute. For a domestic mixer grinder, anything from 18000 to 23000 RPM is good enough. A juicer mixer grinder will ideally require low to medium RPM for working efficiently. At a higher RPM, liquids or spices may not be blended or grinded effectively. Look for quality mixer grinders that have speed control knob/switch to change the settings as per requirement.

  • Jars:

The higher the number of jars, the better. Look for a mixer grinder that has 2 – 3 jars with varying capacities to meet your requirement. You can use one for grinding spices, one for making chutneys and another for juicing. A durable body and a break-resistant lid is a must-have to withstand the daily wear and tear in the kitchen. Also, check for an ergonomically designed handle for a good grip.

  • Blades:

Blades are the ones which do all the work, so it definitely makes sense to verify their quality. Make sure that the material is stainless steel and preferably of 304 grade. The grade of steel matters, as it tells you whether the steel is resistant to oxidation and corrosion. High-quality steel blades also retain their sharpness for a longer period of time.

  • Price:

Last but definitely not the least! The price of your mixer grinder will depend upon the features it offers you as well as the overall quality. There are some inexpensive options in the market, but they may not have the best features.

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Check out variety of Prestige Mixer Grinders @ Amazon

Prestige Mixer Grinder

Types of Prestige Mixer Grinders:

  •     Prestige Deluxe VS Delux VS 750 W Mixer Grinder. …
  •     Prestige Hero 550 W Mixer Grinder. …
  •     Prestige mist 550 W Mixer Grinder. …
  •     Prestige Delight Mixer Grinder Delight 600 Mixer Grinder. …
  •     Prestige Supreme 750 Mixer Grinder. …
  •     Prestige Stylo 550 W Mixer Grinder.

5. Prestige Cookware Set:

Prestige offers the new and improved Cookware that makes cooking experience safer and healthy.

There are different types of pans:

1. Stainless Steel:

Long-lasting, classic, uncoated stainless steel is a good choice for browning and braising. Often sold in sets, stainless cookware can be the kitchen workhorse, tackling everything from pickling to pasta sauce.

Pros: Durable, easy to care for, does not react with foods. Provides rapid, uniform heating. Often magnetic and compatible with induction cooktops. Dishwasher-, oven-, and broiler-safe (depending on the handle material).

Cons: Sometimes tougher to clean. If you choose uncoated, you might still want a nonstick pan or two, and vice versa.

2. Nonstick:

Durable nonstick coatings effortlessly release even delicate foods, including eggs and pancakes. Because little or no oil is needed, nonstick pans are a good choice for low-fat or nonfat dishes.

Pros: Exceptionally easy to clean. Need less oil for cooking, which eliminates some fat from your diet. Depending on the primary material, most pieces are ideal for use on any type of cooktop, including induction. Most pieces are oven-safe to 500° F, but take into account the handle material.

Cons: Some, but not all, nonstick pans are now safe for use with metal utensils. But it’s still smart to take care not to scratch or gouge the surface material. Many, but not all, pieces are dishwasher-safe. Also, food doesn’t brown as well in a nonstick pan.

3. Enameled Cast Iron:

Great for searing, sautéing, browning, and frying, these classic, colorful pieces transition seamlessly from stovetop or oven to your dining table. Covered pieces are also perfect for braising, stewing, slow-cooking, and roasting meat.

Pros: Heats slowly and evenly and retains heat well. Durable coating doesn’t react with acidic ingredients. Dishwasher-safe, corrosion-resistant, and oven-safe to 500° F.

Cons: Heavy, and they get even heavier when filled with food. Small handles can make transport from stovetop to oven a bit cumbersome. Enamel can chip.

4. Aluminum:

Aluminum cookware is an excellent heat conductor, as well as reasonably priced and lightweight. It is, however, prone to staining and can discolor light-colored foods and sauces, and can make them taste bitter. As a countermeasure, anodized aluminum is coated to prevent such side effects.

Pros: Affordable, lightweight, and strong.

Cons: Can discolor some foods and impart a bitter taste

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Prestige Cookware



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