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The Best camera for YouTube live streaming

Best camera for YouTube live streaming
Best webcam for facebook live, YouTube live

Looking for the best camera for YouTube live streaming? You’re in the right place! Streaming on major platforms like Twitch, Mixer, Facebook and YouTube Live has become big business as of late, so now it a great time to get some good webcam for YouTube videos!

Whether you’re presenting a vlog-style stream, a Let’s Play of your videogame playthroughs, or even a livestream of an event or breaking story, there can be far more to streaming than just plugging in the same webcam camera you use for work. And with everyone spending more time at home due to COVID-19, getting the best camera for streaming is a very worthwhile investment.

7 Best camera for YouTube live streaming:

1. Logitech C920 PRO:

This one here by Logitech has the perfect price-to-performance ratio. It is good for recording as well as regular video calls.

If your looking for a webcam to stream on YouTube, Twitch or record any teaching course then this is best option for you. Put some proper lights and a decent mic for a professional recording experience.

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Logitech C920 PRO Webcam in Amazon


  •     Full HD 1080p recording.
  •     H264 Video Compression helps with file size.
  •     Built-in Dual Stereo Mics help in capturing crisp audio.
  •     Face Detection and Motion Tracking help keep everything in focus and clear.


  •     None

2. Logitech C922 Pro:

Yes, a sub category. This camera is not much different from the one above it.

The only significant difference is that this one allows the user to stream directly on platforms like YouTube/ Twitch and can also record at 60 FPS in 720.

Between C922 and C920 , I will suggest C920 as it’s lower in price and offers nearly same video quality except 60fps. The green screen background removal software if not quite good yet and can be bought separately for other webcams also.

Buy @ Amazon

Logitech C922 Pro Webcam

This one is better in low light conditions and also comes with background replacement technology , which allows you to put any background scene with your live image and stream freely.

3. Microsoft LifeCam HD 3000:

Microsoft is an old and reputed company. It makes very few hardware products. This is their lowest end offering.

If you compare the Logitech C270 from above and this one , then this one features a wide angle lens while the Logitech C270 is more zoomed in. Being a Microsoft product , it is integrated easily in your windows.

Buy @ Amazon

Microsoft LifeCam HD Webcam in Amazon


  •     Can record video.
  •     TrueColor technology helps in making the quality better.
  •     Also works with Smart TVs.


  •     Could have slightly more resolution for price.
  •     1-year warranty.

4. AUSDOM 1080P HD USB Webcam:

This is a webcam imported from USA. It is perhaps the cheapest camera that provides 1080p recording.

AUSDOM 1080P HD USB Webcam


  •     1080p recording.
  •     Metal build for steadiness.
  •     Microphone records clearly as per reviews.


  •     Only Manual Focus.
  •     Mount cannot take the weight of the camera properly at certain angles.
  •     No warranty information.

5. HP HD 4310:

HP is a well-known brand. It makes desktop as well as laptop computers. They also make accessories for your PC from a mouse to a printer.

HP HD 4310 Webcam


  •     Full HD 1080p video recording.
  •     Autofocus capability helps a lot.
  •     One-Click upload to FB/YouTube/Twitter etc services.
  •     HP TrueVision helps in colour correction based on lighting.


  •     The software has many loose ends.
  •     The Ball-Joint used to attach camera to stand is flimsy.
  •     Zooming loses much quality than it should.
  •     Only 1-year warranty.

6. Microsoft LifeCam Studio 1080p HD Webcam:

This is a higher end model. It is widely used abroad, not so popular in India

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Microsoft LifeCam Studio 1080p HD Webcam


  •     Full HD 1090p recording.
  •     Advanced Auto Focus helps a lot.
  •     Can be used for streaming.
  •     Audio recording is quite decent too.


  •     You need a good CPU to record at 1080p or else it will record at 720p.
  •     Some customers have experienced it randomly freezing in between calls.
  •     NO Warranty in India.

7. Logitech 960-000016 Webcam:

This is a direct competitor to the HP cam mentioned above. It is used by many people.

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Logitech 960 000016 Webcam


  •     Logitech RightSound technology works very well.
  •     Camera and Audio integration is great.
  •     Software has special video effects which can be fun when talking with small kids.
  •     2 Year Warranty.


  •     Only 1.3 MP sensor.
  •     Doesn’t work great with Yahoo Messenger.
  •     Low Light capabilities are mediocre out of the box, though it can be tweaked for better image

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