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Houseboat in Alleppey Kerala – 7 a must know factors!

houseboat in alleppey
Kerala Houseboat

Houseboat in Alleppey, one of the most attractive experience in Alleppey located in God’s own country Kerala. The heavenly experience in houseboat is also one of the main reasons for travellers from across the World to visit Alleppey. Interestingly, there are more than 800 houseboat in Alleppey that provide full-fledged services across Alleppey backwaters.

7 Tips to keep in mind before booking a houseboat in Alleppey:

1. Condition of the houseboat:

Now a days houseboats are more developed and innovative to ensure that it looks neat and there is ample space. However, before booking the houseboat, make sure that the boat is in a proper condition. They are built in wood and has to be serviced once a year. Try to get these details from the operator. Check out Alleppeyhouseboat.org for more information

2. Alleppey houseboat Rate:

Usually, houseboats are provided with three crew members I,e. the driver, the engine operator and a chef. Alleppey houseboat rates are depending upon the quality of the boat and the services they provide. So, don’t just carry away with the lower prices, because the quality of such boats might be poor. As mentioned before, please book houseboats well in advance to avoid higher prices and you can explore better services if booked in advance.

3. Cruising Period and Direction in Kerala:

Cruising time would be generally in a day time other than sometime for food. No cruising will be done during night and boats will halt at the banks of Alleppey backwaters. Normally, the cruising route would be Alleppey to Alleppey. The price of houseboat in Alleppey also depend upon the route you choose. Example: If you choose Kumarakom to Alleppey, then to Quilon and back to Kumarakom and on to Cochin, then its the longest route and might cost more

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4. Alleppey Houseboat Timings:

There is a systematic time that all the operators follow that is check in at 12 PM and check out time from 9 AM to 10 AM in the morning. However, all these elements are subjected to the change as per the operators schedule you choose for cruise. Make sure that you are aware of the check in and check out time.

5. Food:

Alleppey has wonderful food varieties to offer for the tourists. One of the three crew members would be a chef and he/she will cook the food for you! If you need any specification with regards to the cuisine served in the boat, then please mention before booking the houseboat. Normally, the food items are stocked in the kitchen to make it easy to cook during cruise and if you prefer, you have an option to cook the food yourself.

6. Best time for cruising in Alleppey:

December to January is always a best time of the year for cruising in Alleppey. The weather is cool and the scenery alongside the coastal areas will refresh your mind and soul! You will find some some discounts during Mansoon season with the chilling experience of Ayurveda and spa. If you are planning during the summer, ensure that you book an air-conditioned houseboat, otherwise Kerala’s heat would make you restless.

7. Hotels in Alleppey:

These websites provide great deals on hotels booking in Alleppey:






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