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Kim Jong Un – a North Korean leader in critical condition?

Kim Jong Un health
Kim Jong Un North Korea

Kim Jong Un, is in grave danger after undergoing a previous surgery, according to a US official with direct knowledge. 

A second source familiar with the intelligence today said the US has been closely monitoring reports on Kim’s health. Kim recently missed the celebration of his grandfather’s birthday on April 15, which raised speculation about his well-being. He had been seen four days before that at a government meeting.

Another US official told on Monday that the concerns about Kim Jong Un’s health are credible but the severity is hard to assess.

Kim Jong Un Surgery:

Kim received the cardiovascular system procedure because of “excessive smoking, obesity, and overwork,” according to the news site, and is now receiving treatment in a villa in Hyangsan County following his procedure.

After assessing that Kim’s condition had improved, most of the medical team treating him returned to Pyongyang on April 19 and only part of them remained to oversee his recovery situation, according to the news site.

A South Korean source told Monday that the country’s top leaders are very much aware of reports about Kim’s health status but cannot independently verify details published by Daily NK. The source acknowledged that Kim’s issues related to weight and smoking are well known but made clear they are waiting for more information.

South Korea’s Presidential Blue House said in a statement provided to reporters that they have nothing to confirm on reports about Kim’s health and that “no unusual signs” have been detected inside North Korea. South Korea’s Unification Ministry and Defense Ministry have given a “no comment.”

North Korea tightly controls any information surrounding its leader, who is treated almost like a deity within the country. His absences from official state media often spark speculation and rumors about his health. North Korea has no free press and is often a black hole when it comes to the country’s leadership. Analysts are heavily reliant on scanning state media dispatches and watching propaganda videos for any semblance of a clue.

Kim last appeared in North Korean state media on April 11. April 15 North Korea’s most important holiday, the anniversary of the birth of the country’s founding father, Kim Il Sung came and went without any official mention of Kim Jong Un’s movements.

“I Wish Him Well” – Donald Trump:

US President Donald Trump wished North Korea’s Kim Jong Un “well” on Tuesday but stopped short of directly commenting on the reclusive leader’s health amid reports he underwent surgery.

“I can only say this: I wish him well,” Trump told reporters at the White House, noting the “good relationship” he shares with the North Korean leader.

“I just hope he’s doing fine,” Trump said, adding he “may” reach out to Kim to see how he is doing.

“If he is in the kind of condition that the reports say, that the news is saying, it’s a very serious condition.”


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