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Top 10 Best Car Perfumes In India Which is Available Online!

best car perfumes in India
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Who doesn’t love the freshness and smell of a new car? The mildness and crispness of the scent takes over your entire mood and gives your car a completely new look and feel. Unfortunately, with consistent use, the freshness and brand new look starts to wear off. There might be a smell of leftover food, shoes, and other things in your car.

Think what will happen if someone comes and sit in your car? Will they like the car smell? What kind of impression will it leave? To safeguard yourself from such embarrassment, it is best that you use a car freshener or perfume.

Car perfume is used to eliminate and diminish the bad odour from your car. You can also use it to create a pleasing atmosphere in the car and enjoy the relaxation period.

Car perfume is easily available in the market. You can find many brands selling varied kinds of car perfumes and fresheners available so it becomes hard to just choose one. Hence, you need a little searching to buy the best product.

Here Are The Top 10 Car Perfumes In India for 2020:

1. Godrej Aer Twist:

godrej aer twist car perfume
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When it comes to car perfumes in India, Godrej is probably what 90% of them would recommend. They carved a niche in electronics and home essentials (who can forget their wardrobes and locks!). In recent years, Godrej’s air fresheners have also been immensely popular as well. This gel-based scent not only makes your car smell fresh without any kind of spillage but is also unnaturally long-lasting!

Weight: 200 g
Variants: 7
Volume: 45 ml

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2. Involve Your Senses:

Involve Your Senses Car Perfume 1
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This is not just another car freshener. This is probably the strongest and the most luxurious looking car freshener out there. Its scent can rub on you and make you smell even better! Considering that it is made in India and especially for the Indian weather, this ammonia friendly perfume is perfect for you and your loved ones. Perfect for any type of car and is designed to make your car smell like it deserves to be.

Weight: 40.8 g
Variants: 8

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3. Ambi Pur Car Freshener:

Ambi Pur Car Freshener topyups 1
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If you have used Ambi Pur for your house, you wouldn’t definitely know how good Ambi Pur is. These Da Vincis of air fresheners have products for your car as well. These come in a variety of air-fresheners like most and have an incredibly strong and powerful scent, which is long-lasting and makes it one of the best car perfumes in India. If you want to turn up that charm inside your car, you can thank us later.

Weight: 68 g
Variants: 7
Volume: 7 ml

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4. Feelgood Car Perfume Air Freshener:

Feelgood Car Perfume
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Infused with lemongrass and jasmine, this air freshener has a sublime scent and can make your car feel fresh for every ride you take. Trust us when we say this the aroma is absolutely refreshing and will make you not leave your car at all. As the name suggests, you will feel good for sure! It comes in two varieties and is a liquid-based perfume.

Weight: 86.2 g
Variants: 5
Volume: 10 ml

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5. Areon Car Freshener:

Areon Car Perfumes
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Found across multiple countries throughout the world, this one is perfect if you are looking for a uniformly spread smell. It can be used easily in your house and car. However, what sets it apart from most is its nearly 80 days of lasting durability. Now THAT is unheard of for a car freshener! Areon comes in over 6 varieties.

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6. Carall:

carall car perfumes
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One of the best air fresheners across the world, their Master Aroma and ramage are very popular. Master Aroma, especially, is known for its premium aroma, which lingers long after the product is over. Looks good, feels good and smells good. What more do you want? The Ramage variety has a very sweet smelling composition and can be quite pleasant. This undoubtedly one of the premium car perfumes in India at present.

Price: Rs. 1250

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7. My Shaldan Car Freshener:

My Shaldan Car Freshener
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Each can of My Shaldon has over 5000 citrus peel extracts compressed into one single thick layer. It has a real strong and pleasant smell which makes it one of the best car perfumes in India. One of the most popular brands, My Shaldan has been around since 1948. They offer a large number of varieties and you can either try all of them or stick to a fragrance that you like.

Weight: 81.6 g
Variants: 4
Volume: 16 Fluid Ounces

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8. Glade Car Freshener:

Glade Car perfume
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Glade is undoubtedly one of the most popular brands for air fresheners. They have a wide variety of scents and aromas available. Being in the game for decades, they have perfected the art of making any kind of perfumes. They have some really good scents, so pick your choice!

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Weight: 8 g
Variants: 3

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9. Molecule Aroma:

molecule aroma car air freshener
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If you are looking for something really fancy and long-lasting, this is it. With a powerful fragrance and yet very pleasing in nature, this one is almost sedative and will make every trip a peaceful drive! So go ahead and kill that stress! Automatically turns on with the car, Molecule Aroma comes with airborne technology. A very safe bet for every car!

Weight: 90.7 g
Variants: 2

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10. Little Joe Car Freshener:

Little Joe Car Fresheners
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This cute little air freshener is our personal favorite. It comes in a smiley-faced non-toxic polymer, without any alcohol and even if the fragrance is gone, which lasts about 45 days, the cute smile stays forever! Free of hazardous chemicals, this car scent is produced in Italy and is now available in India.

Weight: 18.1 g
Variants: 4

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