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Love your car? Here are the top 5 best car wash shampoo in India

Best car wash shampoo
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Having a clean exterior and interior of your car always gives a great pleasure while driving. It also increases the life of your paint and finish, giving you a car that will look great for many years. By the way, its also important to use the quality shampoo to clean your vehicle and here we are discussing about the top 5 best car wash shampoo in India today.

Best Car Wash Shampoo in India:

3M IA260166391 Auto Specialty Shampoo:

When your car is moving through dusty streets and muddy roads, its common that the car appear dull and that is why you need 3M Car Wash Shampoo. The shampoo works with soft and hard water and its easy rinse foam removes tough dirt and grime without affecting the paint surface and wax. And, this makes it one of the best Car Wash Shampoo in India.

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It cleans up surface dirt very easily and effectively with the recommended mix. Best part of cleaning with 3M shampoo is wiping excess water using drying towels; it works like charm with surprisingly less effort. If the dirt is too tough, just pour some undiluted shampoo on it and we strongly recommend you to try washing your car under shade always.


  • Works with both soft/hard water
  • Effortless washing
  • 3M brand value


  • Do not expect a lot of foam

Formula 1 615016 Carnauba Wash and Wax Shampoo:

Formula 1 shampoo forms a rich foam, deep cleans and adds a carnauba wax shine as it washes. Manufactured by Northern Labs Inc., USA – World’s No.1 brand of high quality car care products from pure and natural Grade 1 Carnauba Wax derived from the leaf of palm tree in Brazil. Its thick and concentrated paste formula provides Water-beading protection and long-lasting shine. Its advanced micro-polishing technology removes minor scratches and haze, revealing the true, rich color of auto paint. So, we recommend this if you are looking for an all-in-one solution to keep your vehicle protected and shining.


  • Carnauba wax gives shiny finish after washing
  • Removes minor scratches
  • Water-beading protection


  • Additional wax needs to be wiped off sometimes

Proklear RAW Xtreme CX Carnauba Wax Rinseless/Waterless Auto Wash Concentrate:

The beauty of this product is, a sedan sized car can be cleaned and waxed with just 5ml of the concentrate and 500ml water. Active agents which lift dirt and grime from pores of the surface, encapsulates them and provides lubrication so that the dislodged dirt cannot redeposit or cause damage while cleaning. The product can be used to clean exterior and interior paint, plastics, glass, vinyl, tyres, wheels, etc except fabric. This is the best product that will easily last you 6-12 months based upon your usage and saves a lot of water.

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  • Requires very less water (~1 ltr/wash)
  • Long lasting concentrate quantity (~1 year)
  • Leaves a mild fragrance on the car


  • Not suitable for foam washing

Wavex Wash & Wax Car Shampoo:

Wavex Wash & Wax Car Shampoo saves you time and gives your vehicle a clean, wet, just-waxed shine. Wash & Wax combines a biodegradable car wash with a high gloss dose of shine and removes dirt and grime without scratching the vehicle’s paint. A single wash delivers a wet glistening shine and has the added protection of a wax. We recommend this as the best alternative to Formula 1 wax shampoo if you are not a fan of it.


  • Just requires 1:4 (shampoo:water) ratio
  • Pleasant fragrance while washing
  • Indian brand


  • Slightly overpriced

Niks Car shampoo:

Niks Car shampoo is Made with Specialized Materials from Switzerland for extra shining and cleaning with heavy foam. This shampoo removes dirt quickly and thoroughly and there is no need for repeated scrubbing to remove grime. Just add 10 to 15 ml in 5 Ltrs of water and leave it on for a few minutes and rinse. And yes! it instantly gives your car a new look. Best for people looking for an affordable car wash shampoo.


  • Extra thick foam
  • Great results with a foam gun
  • No Hazardous Chemicals


  • Not suitable for manual cal washing

So, that’s it for today! Let us know if we missed any other best car wash shampoo which are better than the ones listed above.



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