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Top 8 popular YouTube channel ideas!

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Are you considering creating your own YouTube channel and looking for the best niche? Here are the 8 popular YouTube channel ideas!

Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has grown from a relatively unknown site for aspiring filmmakers to the most popular video streaming site on the planet. YouTube is now the host to video channels that cover every subject imaginable. Given the huge number of videos that are posted on YouTube every day, you would have thought that the chances of launching new popular channels would be remote. But, if you have a good idea, you understand video marketing and YouTube analytics, and you have a bit of film-making flair, it is still possible to launch a viral video channel on YouTube.

The best way to be successful on YouTube is to focus on a niche. So, if you are searching for ideas for your YouTube channel, here are ten of the most popular niches for YouTube channels.

Top 8 popular YouTube channel ideas:

1. Personal Vlogging:

personal vlogging 1

Personal Vlogging is probably the easiest way to start your own YouTube channel. The things that happen in your personal life may seem mundane to you, but they might be fascinating for other people to watch. You don’t need any special equipment to be vlogger. You simply need to record your daily life, your thoughts, and your opinion. Just in the same way as you would with a diary. Of course, if you have a bubbly personality, or slightly quirky way of presenting your videos, that will increase your chances of finding yourself with a viral video on your channel.

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2. Gaming:

YouTube channel on gaming

If you’re a gamer, then you have a potential goldmine of a niche for your YouTube channel. The most popular gaming YouTubers enjoy some of the highest YouTube analytics of all. PewDiePie, for example, has 104 million subscribers. There are several ways that you can approach gaming videos. You can include news of the latest games or you can do walk-through of popular of games. Another popular format of gaming video is the speed-run, which is where you run through an entire game as quickly you can. As well as keeping up with the latest gaming news, gamers want to see how other people are playing the games. So, providing a game commentary with helpful tips will help to grow your audience.

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3. Cooking and Recipes:

cooking videos
Cooking Recipes

YouTube videos are an ideal way to explain how to cook recipes. Recipe books are Ok, but people love to see exactly how ingredients are prepared and mixed as well. There are lots of possible subniches within the topic of cooking that you could focus on. For example, you could show people how to make dishes from your own region, or you could concentrate on one type of cooking, such as baking. This type of YouTube channel can also attract video marketing opportunities as well. If your channel becomes popular, you may be approached by businesses to promote their ingredients or cooking utensils.

4. Product Reviews:

product review
Product Reviews

Some of the most popular YouTube channels are those that offer advice and useful information. One way that you can capitalise on that trend is to review products and services. There are several formats that product review videos can take. There are unboxing videos, where you film yourself unpacking a new product, straight out of the box, and trying it out. You can also put products through their paces in product testing videos. Instructional videos on how to use products are also very popular.

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5. Health and Fitness Tips:

health tips
health tips

The first place that many people go to find health and fitness tips is YouTube. Health and fitness is a very popular niche that accounts for quite a large number of the viral videos that are widely shared. Workout videos are especially popular, because it’s much easier to follow a workout on video than it is to follow a workout from a book. If you can relate your workouts to a personal story, you could well have a viral video on your hands. Popular health and fitness channels are often offered video marketing opportunities as well. Once your channel’s YouTube analytics reach a decent level, you may be offered sponsorship opportunities.

6. Traveling:

Travelling videos

Traveling is a popular topic for YouTube videos. This is something that can be easily combined with personal vlogging. Even if you don’t travel far from home, sharing your experiences will still be interesting for people who don’t live in your region. All you need to do is take your camera with wherever you travel. Then, you can shoot videos of the things you see and the interesting people you meet along the way.

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7. Gadgets and Technology:

Gadgets review

You can put any knowledge that you have to good use on a YouTube video channel. Remember, things that you find simple to do, other people won’t know how to do at all. One very good example of this is technology and gadgets. If you are a bit of Photoshop expert, for example, you can share your skills with “how to” videos. If you know how to take apart and fix a computer, there will be other people who want to learn how to do that. The first place that most people go to find out how to do something is the internet. A video is so much easier to learn from than a manual. If you can make tech tutorial videos that are entertaining and informative, you will soon start to see your YouTube views mount up.

8. Restaurant and Food Reviews:

Restaurant review
Food and Restaurant reviews

If you love your food, then a food review channel could be right for you. You don’t need a skill to become a food reviewer, just a passion for trying new food. You don’t need to travel to make a good restaurant review channel either. You could focus on your local eateries. That will mean that there is less competition for your channel. If dining out is not your thing, then you could review food you buy from stores. People are always interested to see other people’s views of food, and people are always looking for ideas for new food to try.

There are many others options for creating a YouTube channels like Lifehacks, Funny Videos etc. It’s all about making use of your talent and earn good money out of it! 

Let us know if this article helped you to set up your YouTube Channel! Good Luck 🙂


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